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How to Choose the Perfect Flooring

Flooring in Calgary from Carpet Superstores Calgary
Getting new floors is pretty exciting but it can also be a bit scary. After all, you're making a decent investment into improving your home and the idea is for your new flooring to last quite some time. To make sure you choose the perfect flooring for your Calgary home, there are four things you need to consider.

How You Live

Your lifestyle and how you use your home are very important when choosing flooring for your Calgary home. Generally speaking, the heavier the traffic throughout your home, the more durable your flooring will need to be. You'll also have to factor in pets, children and guests so the traffic estimate is fairly accurate. You may have to consider LVP flooring in place of hardwoods or tiles in areas where you expect traffic to be heaviest and leave more sensitive flooring such as carpet for bedrooms.

Location, Location, Location

Where your new flooring will be installed will help narrow down your choices as well. It might be helpful to make a list of the rooms to be redone and jot down the characteristics that could affect your flooring for each. You'll want to make note of areas that are subject to moisture, direct sunlight that might fade flooring, or areas that will need constant cleaning, such as your kitchen.

Your Budget

We can all use a bargain, but there's a difference between getting a good price and buying cheap. Flooring is one of those things that it pays to invest what is reasonable rather than trying go as cheap as possible. No flooring material is cheap if it has to be replaced a year after installation. Talk to your flooring specialist about your budget and tastes. This helps both of you avoid products you can't afford or don't like and gives you more time to learn the benefits of the flooring that will work best for you.

The Environment

Eco-friendly products will help reduce your carbon footprint and can also contribute to a healthier home. Bear in mind that while some products may be touted as sustainable, they may also need earlier replacement. Ask your flooring consultant what eco-friendly options are available.

Flooring Superstores has the flooring you need for your Calgary home in stock. With 12,000 square feet of showroom space, we can take the needs you've outlined in the four steps and match you with the perfect flooring. Contact us for an estimate or any questions you might have.