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Posted: 12 Sep '16

LifeGuard Carpet, Revolutionizing Carpet for Your Home

Shaw Floors LifeGuard Waterproof Carpet in Saskatoon
Our world today is fast paced and ever changing. Industries of all kinds are constantly racing to improve technology and the products offered. This can easily be said about flooring manufacturers too.

One new product recently launched by Shaw Floors is truly a game changer. We are proud suppliers of Shaw Floors LifeGuard Carpet. A carpet that is truly waterproof! This new technology from Shaw has allowed for a waterproof backing to be applied to the carpet, creating the ultimate protection against life’s mishaps.

With the waterproof backing pet accidents or spills of any kind are no longer a worry. Any liquid will be kept in the carpet fibres and will not penetrate into the underlay or subfloor where it cannot be cleaned. It is when stains soak through to the underlay and subfloor that odor causing bacteria will then form and potentially create an unpleasant and unhealthy environment. By choosing LifeGuard carpet the mess is trapped and can be cleaned either with spot treatment or by professional hot water extraction.

This new product has changed many opinions on the use of carpet in ones’ home, where previously hard surface was thought to be the only option. Soft surface flooring is durable and practical in a new way!

More information and amazing videos about LifeGuard carpet can be found at shawfloors.com. We have a great selection of LifeGuard carpet in stock as well as many styles and colors available to order in. We even have a water cooler made with LifeGuard carpet so you can see it in action! Please come visit us and ask one of our flooring consultants about the new products available.