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Why We Love Carpet (And You Should, Too!)

Carpet in Calgary from Carpet Superstores Calgary
Many people have moved away from carpeting their floors in favour of choosing hard surfaces that are seemingly cleaner and better for your health. Carpeting has developed a bad reputation when the truth is that it has come a long way since the days of bell bottoms and discos. There are countless reasons why we love carpet for Calgary homes and we'll provide you with plenty so you can defend your hidden love for carpet!

Luxurious Comfort

Let's face it, feeling your toes sink into a soft, warm carpet is infinitely nicer than feeling them hitting a hard, cold floor. Carpet gives your Calgary home an air of luxury that is unmatched by hard surface flooring styles and can make even the coldest of rooms feel warmer.

The other comfort benefit to carpet is that is has a cushioning effect. Babies can have tummy-time without fear of bruising if they happen fall forward, children can flop out on the floor to watch television and cuddling up in front of a fire won't make your bones feel like they're popping through your skin.

Increased Traction

Watching your pet do the "running man" while trying to gain traction on a hard surface floor is admittedly funny, but when they finally get going and can't put the brakes on before hitting a wall, that's just cringe worthy. Carpet provides traction that helps protect children, seniors and even pets from slip and fall accidents and minimizes injury when and if they do happen.

Countless Choices

The hardest part of going with carpet for your Calgary home will be narrowing down your choices. There are infinite styles available in more colours and patterns than you can imagine. There are also a wide range of fibers to choose from and varying pile heights. There truly is a carpet style out there for every taste or purpose.

Easy Care

Caring for carpet takes a lot less maintenance than some other flooring types. A good vacuuming regularly will prevent dirt from settling under the pile and a deep cleaning once in a while are all it takes. With today's technologies, stains are no longer the bane of beautiful carpets.

Health Benefits

Yes, we said it. Many people believe carpeting is bad for allergies and harbours dust and dirt. The truth is, since the fibers trap dust and keeps it from circulating in the air, if you vacuum regularly, carpeting can actually improve indoor air quality.

Those are just a few of the reasons to love carpet again. We'd love to show you the great choices in carpet for your Calgary home. Contact us or stop in to our showroom to see the amazing variety of carpet styles and feel for yourself how luxurious it will be on your floors.